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Besoin de traducteurs : [Test]

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Besoin de traducteurs : [Test]

Message par mjm le Dim 25 Avr 2010 - 18:57

On a besoin de traducteurs capables de traduire de l'anglais au français ou quelqu'un s'y connaissant en japonais ! ( Même si c'est rare d'en trouver xD) Si ce travail vous plait et que vous voulez nous aider, vous pouvez tenter de traduire ce texte :

Chapter 106: Harvest Festival
Name: Fried Justine
Magic: ?
Likes: Musical Instruments
Dislikes: Gum
he doesn't often show his face at the Guild, he hasn't built up much in
the way of relationships there. For instance, since he hasn't actually
been to the Guild in nearly half a year, he's never even met newer
members like Lucy. During the battle with Phantom Lord, too, he was off
in a different town.
There aren't many people who know what kind of
magic he uses, and along with Mistgun and Gildartz, he's known as one of
the "mystery men".
The one member he truly adores is Luxus, and he
has founded a team of so-called "Luxus Bodyguards"; he himself is its
self-proclaimed Captain.
[Insert text: This week's "Taboo Word" is
"Visual-Kei Band"!]
[Label: Everyone who read that and thought "oh,
crap", own up now!]

[Side text: The terrifying Luxus has
returned to Fairy Tail! ...But utterly ignorant of that, Lucy's just
worrying about money and friends!♡]
Lucy: Ahhh~~ / I wish I could
find a good job~!
Plue: Puuuun!
People: That's dangerous, kid! //
Hey, haven't I seen that girl in a magazine or something...?
What am I gonna do about this month's rent......? // Hm? // This is...
Natsu's scarf... // Back then, he...

[Side text: Mashima's
Ramblings: The interview with Chiba Tetsuya-sensei in the "Shonen
Magazine 50th Anniversary Cover Collection" was really interesting.]
Huh, now that I look at the thing, it's filthy! / I guess I'll wash it
for him.
Plue: Puuuun!
Lucy: What was that? "Lucy, you're such a
great person"?
Plue: Puuuun?
Lucy: Oh, you don't have to tell me
that! // Nobody here, huh... // [aside]*sigh*...[/aside] // Why do I get
all full of anticipation coming back to my own house?

Well... I guess it does figure... // No~w then, time to take a bath~!!
Lucy: Ahhh!!! You get all wrinkled when you're soaked in hot
water?!! That's scary!!!
Plue: Puuuun...

Aa~~~~hhh... // G'ni~~~ght... // Hm?
[BubbleSFX: peeek...]

Natsu: *snore*~~~ / *snore*~~~
*snore* / *snore*
Natsu: Hey... Morning, Lucy...
Lucy: This is my
house~~~!!! / Hell, this is my BED!!!
Happy: Aye~!
Lucy: GET
Natsu: Ahhh... It's no good... // *snore*~~~ / *snore*~~~
We just came to see if we could get Natsu's scarf back...
Lucy: You
can have it!!! You can have it, so get out!!!

Apparently... he got that scarf from Igneel.
Lucy: Here. // Hey... Is
Natsu okay, huh?
Happy: Aye. // This has happened once before. /
That time, he ended up like this after eating some of Luxus' lightning.
So eating magic that isn't fire's bad for him, huh... / Well, magic
isn't food, after all... // Wait, why did he do that, anyway?
Oh, he picked a fight with him a long time ago. // 'Course, he was
defeated in an instant, though.
Lucy: Is - Is he really that strong?
Luxus... // [aside]Natsu... defeated in an instant...[/aside]
I'd say he's probably the strongest guy in the guild except for
Gildartz. / Oh - Gildartz is the guy everyone just calls "Oyaji", by the

Happy: Ohh... but there's Erza too... / And rumours
have it Mistgun's pretty strong... / Oh, and Mira was pretty scary a
while back. They used to call her the "Demon"!
Lucy: D - Demon?!!
Mira-san was...?!!
Happy: I wonder who'd win if we had a tournament
to find the strongest member of Fairy Tail!! / [aside]that'd be
Lucy: I don't really like the idea of competing
like that against my friends... / [aside]let's just go with "they're all
Happy: Gray and Elfman are pretty tough
themselves... And we can't forget Gazille and Lluvia...
Lucy: Yes,
yes, that's nice~! See you tomorrow, then~!♡
Happy: Oh, yeah!! I
wanted to give you this! // You were saying you're short on cash, right?
A job?
Happy: Well, not exactly...

Happy: It's the
Magnolia Harvest Festival next week. // And Fairy Tail's taking part in
the celebrations. / Look at the bottom-right.
Lucy: "Miss Fairy
Happy: Aye. / It's a beauty contest among all the women of
Fairy Tail. The winner gets 500,000 Jewels.
Lucy: F - Five hundred
thousand?!!! / That would pay for SEVEN months' rent!!! // And it's
perfect for me, too!!!!
Happy: Mira and Kana will be in there, of
course, but I'm sure you've got a chance!
Lucy: Whaaaaa?!! Mira-san
too?!! But she's been in Sorcerer pinups and everything...!

B - But I am younger than she is...!!! I have the "fresher" charms... /
I can do it!! I know I can!!! Five hundred thousand Jewels!!! / I'm
going to become Miss Fairy Tail, no matter what!!!
Happy: Hm...?
Weren't you just saying you didn't like competing against friends...?
Oh, Happy~~!♡ You want some fish?
Happy: I'm not taking bribes.
Northwest of Shirotsume Town / Dark Guild: Ghoul Spirit]
[Map: Here /
Shirotsume / Magnolia]
People: Guaaahhh! // Aaaghhh!!

You laughed at us just now, yes? // You utter fools.
People: It's a
fight you want, is it?!! Bastards!!! // You're not getting our of here
Fried: Oh, dear me... A Guild that lurks in the shadows
trying to stand up to an upstanding legal Guild? // What is the world
coming to?
People: !!! // Why, you!! // ...............

Why, you~~!!! // Get 'em~~~!! // Unghh!! // Guahh! // Wh - What's going
on?!! // Guaaaaaaahhhh!! // *cough* // Aaaaghhh!!

That's enough, Bixlow.
Bixlow: What? // It's over already?
I'm amazed they even managed to form a Guild, being this week...
It's because they're so weak that they resorted to illegal activities.
This ain't enough!!! My babies need to have more fun than that!
Well, then, I may have the perfect thing.
Evergreen: Oh... you mean
Luxus? / So the time has come, has it?
Bixlow: Ohh, I've been waiting
one HELL of a long time for this!!! And my babies too!!!

Time to head home for once.
[Box: Fairy Tail / Fried]
[Box: Fairy
Tail / Evergreen]
[Box: Fairy Tail / Bixlow]
Fried: To Fairy
People: Just... three people... took out the whole of... Ghoul
Spirit...? // Th - that long-haired guy didn't do anything... so really,
it was "two". // Aaaaghhhh!
Someone: This is Fairy Tail's Luxus
Bodyguards... // ...the Raijinshuu!!!!
[TN: Literally, from the
kanji, "Many Thunder Gods"]

Quand vous aurez terminé, envoyez votre traduction par MP à Mjm et Ksi.

Et si vous êtes à l'aise en japonais et que vous voulez nous aider, vous n'avez qu'à contacter
Mjm par MP pour passer le test.

Bonne chance à vous tous !

Edit de Eyole : Le test là n'est plus à l'ordre du jour, le recrutement des traducteurs s'effectuera sur le post qui sera posté (logique) dans les prochaines heures.


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